Tuesday, June 16, 2009


-____- bloggin hurts my pride a bit. im so used to being on facebook that coming here and seeing ~0 comments~ kinda sucks. There's not even a cute little popup tellin me that pplz care D;....oh well ill get over it haha

i worked on the line drawlllling in illustrator yesterday, so ill put up some in-progress screencaps of the two human characters of my film ^__^

The guy's name is Shaun and the girl is April....oh dear i jus realized i have friends with those names....>_> oh well.

ANYWAYS. i wanted a simplistic, kinda funny design for them, i think it looks kewl--a little pacmanish. i think id even say flounderish XD..i got that idea actually from my roommate sayin that whenever i imitate anyone or tell a story making voices, she pictures these puppet-like characters talking from the sides of their mouths XD XD XD..ahh i forgot to upload the birdie. maybe later..

i heart them ^__^



  1. Wow! at first I thought you were joking and then I look at the screen caps and sure enough the file name is AprilYoungFolk.ai
    I am greatly honored, and I really like the song too! Can't wait to see more :D

  2. Hahhaha omigosh. so how about i named my characters April and Shaun without even thinkin about it!! i was gonna alert u but somethin knocked my concentration off. prolly something cute. like a kitty.