Monday, June 15, 2009

Second Post because Second Posts means that I am now past the First.

OH hayyy yall!!! I really should post some scans of my storyboards so, u know, yall will know that Im not making this all up hahaha…but for realz, I just don’t feel like it XD

I have to scan the rest of my stuff and whatnot. Sooo when I feel good and ready (hopefully soon), ill jack my fotobukkit up with hotness haha

• Thought of epic story: Check.
• Epic music to go along: Check.
• Style Concept: Check.
• Character Concept: Check.
• Animation Concept: Check.
• All Other Concept Aspects: Check.
• Having a dependable source of Adobe products: Check.
• 1 of three character coloring done.
• 2 1/3 of charcter line drawing done.
• Storyboarding (rough) done for the most part.
• More cleaned up storyboard done.
• The same song playing in my head over a milli times. Check.

To Do List:
• Get More Flash Training..More tutorials. -__-
• Finish Coloring the other 2 characters.
• Finish Line art of last character.
• Background Art.
• Create a Logo.
• Actually Make the Animation!!! XD
• Dance for Joy when I'm finished.
• Upload onto this blog and Facebook >:D
Ill prolly think of more to put on here, but thats what I can think of right now.

I should upload concept drawings and whatnot....later. :)

oh, and jus so this wont be totes picture-less (SHOOO CUUUUTE):


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