Saturday, June 20, 2009

ohai u guise

^___^ hey yall!!

omigosh so there are a milli and one things i wanna do over the summmer and the minute i have an epic idea, another arises. all kinds of experimentation ^__^ yey.

so i put my flash project on a lil hiatus and im practicing typography--dont worry im still gonna work on it. but i find if i have a few projects goin on at the same time, i wont start gettin sick of any of them :P..and besides, all this is helping me in the long run--especially when it comes to becoming even more familiar with th programs XD

so yeah, typography. i decided to do a cutesy song from hairspray (BEST. MOVIE. EVER.)

speaking of movies, I FINALLY SAW UP YESTERDAY. i enjoyed it :D. im kinda in love with Dug XD..i wanna talkin doggy soo badly D:



  1. Yay! Typography is fun. I had to do traditional (hand traced and drawn) typography at my old college and it was CRAZY intense. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Summer is SUCH a good time to get your own work done. It feels so good to not be told what to make :) Miss you!


    And yayy for talking dogs<3